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During the past few decades, technology has significantly evolved. A notable portion of entrepreneurs never even leave their homes to operate their successful businesses. This has had a remarkable impact on the way people interact with content and others.

As new technologies unfold, new ways of communicating, marketing, and advertising present themselves. A prime example of this is content marketing or a form of marketing focused on creating publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online. Now that technology is cheaper than ever before, there is no limit to where, when or how often people can interact with content.

Videos have become a prevalent source of content online. According to Youtube, video consumption through a mobile phone grows by 100 percent each year. In fact, video is projected to receive more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. If those numbers haven’t sold you, here are a few other statistics about video marketing:

  • Adding a video to marketing emails can increase click-through rates by 200-300%.
  • Videos embedded in landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80 %.
  • 90% of customers report that product videos help with purchasing decisions.
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product online after watching a video.

Now that you are more aware of the weight of video content marketing let’s explore how to best use the content.

The first step is to document your marketing strategy. As with all marketing and advertising, there needs to be prior planning. Outline why you decided to implement video content, how you plan to do it, why you made the decision, and what you will be looking for. It is important to include everything, such as goals, benchmarks, target audience, distribution strategies, etc.

Once you have a more detailed plan, the better prepared you’ll be to face any issues that pop up along the way. Then begin planning the launch of your content. Start by searching which popular social platform works best with your content, what other sites would allow you to post, and even which website platform has the best SEO.

Think of creative ways to publish video content. Although you may have 20 videos ready to see the light of day, it is never helpful for anyone to release all of their work on the same day. Instead, try posting a video on an already high-performing page or blog. Plan out a “Release” schedule, and consistently post videos to build a stronger following.

Start off with shorter videos, and as your skills and the quality grows, the length and creativeness of each video should also increase. Rather than assume the content is doing what it should, continually evaluate your approach and adapt.