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It does not matter what field or industry you work in if you are selling a product or service to a consumer, it is dire to have a firm grasp on who your target audience is and what they want. Your demographic of people who are willing to use your product or service must not only be able to find you, but you must be able to find them. Whether you know your target audience or not, it is always important to keep on top of their needs and how you should present your service to them.


How to Find Your Target Audience?

First, ask the simple question of, ‘Who will buy this?”. It is important to know who will, not only enjoy your product but be able to afford to invest in your services. For example, if you own a high-end luxury menswear store for up-and-coming Wall Streeters, your target market audience would be males in the 20s who live in New York City and earn over $200,000 a year. This may be a niche demographic, but you then have a firm grasp as to who is purchasing your product.

If you are a business that designs websites, you are not going to focus your marketing efforts on retirees who see no value of a website. But if you offer a general product such as locally-made honey, your target audience may be a bit broader. The key to effective marketing and product communication depends on how narrow your audience is and the amount of research you can conduct. A simple way to begin to gather audience data is to offer a special promo code to your website if they fill out a survey. This is a traditional method of gathering demographic data. Market research companies can also help give you further research on your demographics.


Tailoring to Your Audience

Once you have established who is going to purchase your product or service, use that information to your advantage and tailor your messaging to them. This is important in creating effective marketing campaigns to general social media promotions. Never forget who you are talking to and always give them reasons to do business with you. Whether it be placing your business where they are engaging online to creating promotions for your specific customer, always keep your audience in mind in any business decision.