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Marketing plans and campaigns are crucial in an organization’s efforts to connect with their target audience. Effective campaigns have an important process from the idea concept to implementation. Each step of creating a marketing campaign is crucial to the campaign as the potential to fall apart. Here are the steps for a polished and effective marketing campaign.

  1. Research

This step can be easily overlooked in anticipation of getting the campaign moving. This step is key in creating a foundation for which your campaign can thrive. Local libraries have excellent resources, online even, that can give you better insight into buying habits within a given industry to the general health of a market.


  1. How is your target?

Once you have educated yourself regarding the status of the market in which your campaign will reside in, it is dire to know exactly who you are targeting within that market. Your target marks are made up of those who are likely to buy your product or service.


  1. Competitors?

When you have established who your target audience is, it is essential to look at who else is targeting this audience in your industry. This knowledge can set you apart from the others. What is the price point of the competitor? What segment of the market are they aiming to reach? Knowing your competitor’s work can give you an upper hand when implemented a campaign.


  1. Positioning

What is your angle? What is going to put you apart from the rest? For example, if you are going to sell shoes, what is different about your shoes? An angle would be promoting your 100% genuine Italian leather shoes, rather than just general shoes.


  1. Strategy

This is your journey to successful sales goals. Your strategy should answer the question of “How will I find and attract my most likely buyers?” The strategy should be a reflection of the market health and tactics to tackle your goals. For example, events, content strategy, email, and social media activity fall into this category.


  1. Budget/Analysis

Other factors to put into your strategy are how you going to afford the campaign and the analysis of your results.