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As a business owner or director of a department, marketing efforts are crucial for connecting with your target audience and getting a strong ROIs. With small businesses, a wrong step in a marketing initiative can negatively impact your business with major consequences. Here are some of the common marketing snafus that businesses make.


Non Engaging Copy

Many marketing initiatives include a strong focus on online engagement. When creating content such as videos, blogs, podcasts, etc, to post online, it is important to create an effective plan for your strategy. When putting writing copy out on your websites or social media posts, the information within the copy should not just answer the potential customer’s answers but it should also motivate them to learn more and to dive deeper into your brand’s website.


Immediate Payoff

After spending a lot of time and money behind a marketing campaign, it is natural to want an immediate response from the public. This may not be the case. Immediate ROI is almost never the case and organic, authentic and engaging content needs time to be discovered. A marketing campaign should be focused on long-term goals, not an overnight success. Mapping out shortterm and longterm KPIs can both give you realistic goals while giving the content time to organically thrive.


Not Enough Content

Never just throw the left over funds at the content of a marketing campaign. Your content budget should be of relative high priority when planning a budget. CMI research shows that marketing efforts that put up, on average, 40 percent of a given budget towards content. The value of content is priceless when considering organic online engagement on behalf of your brand.


No Video

Implementing mediocre videos sporadically throughout a marketing campaign is quite uneffective. As well, viewing videos as overly expensive mediums with little to no engagement is a perspective of the past. In the same idea, do not put all of your eggs in the video basket for a campaign. A healthy budget for strategized videos can infiltrate and swell a marketplace and engage your target audience with ease. Utilize micro influencers who excel at video content creation.