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Karriem Muhammad


Since 2001 Speakerhead has partnered with numerous brands to produce high-caliber design, social media, branding strategy, and marketing projects. Karriem Muhammad currently serves as the Creative Director of Speakerhead. Under his leadership, has consistently helped clients reach their goals and stand out from competitors.

Marketing is an important aspect of Speakerhead’s success. When Karriem Muhammad first started his career, he realized that he wasn’t doing enough to market his business. With this in mind, he began to research marketing practices and applying what he learned to his business. Today clients often ask Karriem for advice on how to market their own projects. Karriem considers marketing to be yet another tool that he keeps in his arsenal for assisting clients.

Over the course of his career, Karriem Muhammad has learned numerous lessons about marketing. Staying on top of marketing trends helps Karriem stay knowledgeable of what works best and what doesn’t. By anticipating the next trend, Karriem is able to stay ahead of competitors and provide his clients with the best service in the industry.

One of the qualities that separates Karriem from other marketing professionals is his ability to focus completely on a particular project and get lost in the work. With each project, Karriem tries his best to think from the client’s perspective. Rather than dictate the direction of the project, Karriem is open to collaboration with his customers. Many digital multi-media agencies push to sell clients the most expensive features or packages just to make a profit. However, Karriem and his team at strive to give clients what they actually want rather than focusing on the profit they can make. This client-centric approach to every aspect of business is one of the reasons for Speakerhead’s success.

About Karriem Muhammad

From an early age, Karriem was interested in art. He attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California where he earned his Bachelor of Arts in New Media. The idea for Speakerhead came about while Karriem was in college. He knew that one day he wanted to work for himself and get the chance to offer clients a wide range of services related to content creation. The variety of work that Karriem gets to do with Speakerhead is one of his favorite aspects of his career. Karriem is grateful for the opportunity to take a client’s idea and transform it into something that others can see and interact with.